Natural treatment of heachache and migraine possible?

Cefamig is a natural medicine, gained from medicinal plants. The drops and tablets gently help in case of headache and migraine. Cefamig is taken in case of acute pain and as prophylaxis.

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Naturally effective medicinal plants in Cefamig

Cefamig contains a unique combination of active ingredients from 4 selected medicinal plants, very well proven for the treatment of headache and migraine.

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Which headache type am I?

Tension headache and migraine are the most frequent forms of headache. By means of our small headache test you find out if your complaints suggest one of these two headache types.

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Headache yet again?

If headache appears too frequently, it is already a distinct relief if the number of pain attacks decreases. Cefamig can contribute to the improvement of the frequency of headache in a natural way.

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Gentle therapy with Cefamig

There is no potential of undesired effects for the natural active ingredients in Cefamig. Interactions are not known, either. Cefamig is very well tolerable, even for children.

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Do you know your migraine triggers?

Migraine often appears in connection with certain events. Among them are stress, irregular sleep, the consumption of certain foods and much more. Sometimes, several factors are necessary to trigger an attack. Therefore, migraine patients should know their personal triggers.

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